Renovating your house is about lifestyle choice. Interior Exterior Builders can transform your home to suit you and your family’s lifestyle. From adding rumpus rooms to major overhauls, our builders have transformed homes across the state. Whether it be doubling your property’s size and increasing the value of your investment, or adding a second bedroom for a new family member, we offer the same level of service and a building consistency throughout.



New Homes

From conception to completion, Interior Exterior Builders can build your new home. Our tradesmen are passionate and can help you through your new home’s design, suggesting ways to maximise space or adding insight into building and architectural innovations. With almost twenty year’s experience in the industry we know how to save on cost, and likewise show you where to best spend to indulge. We promise a quality finish from the front door to the back deck.


You don’t want to risk building a deck without the right know-how. Interior Exterior Building’s first commission was a deck and fifteen years later we have gone from strength to strength. A Queensland lifestyle means a lifestyle spent outdoors, sitting on a deck, enjoying a barbeque. Let our carpenters build this lifestyle for you, ensuring a quality and safety that will last for years to come.




Your car is an investment, so don’t let that investment depreciate in value. Keep your car in a safe, secure carport, while at the same time adding to your property’s worth. Interior Exterior Builders can construct carports in keeping with your house, whether it’s a weatherboard Queenslander or a brick bungalow. Our carports are not kits, but are built individually to suit your home. We build to suit any requirements, from a single vehicle carport to those holding several vehicles.


Home maintenance can be difficult at times, even for the handyman. Let Interior Exterior Builders keep your house looking its best without fear of shoddy workmanship. From hanging doors to fixing steps to restoring damaged or perished timber, our tradesmen are equipped for every situation. By using Interior Exterior Builders to maintain your home you are assured of a professional job completed in a professional and timely manner.